Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic Violence DefenseDomestic Violence Defense Attorney Marke Schnackenburg is an experienced defense attorney from Lynnwood, WA.

Domestic Violence can effect everyone at some time in their life.  If you are living in the cities of Lynnwood, Edmond’s, Mountlake Terrace, Everett or in the Greater Seattle Area, you are not alone! I have met many fine persons who had bad luck to be caught up in the web of the law and the laws of domestic violence.  In this complex area of the law, you can be put out of your own house, stopped from seeing your children, and even held in jail.  It is a real problem for those who want to get on with their lives.  And, this can happen to you all while you are “considered not guilty!”

I have personally helped hundreds of persons, who are good citizens, who have been arrested and caught up in the system.  They have come to me for help because I thoroughly understand this area of the law and have extensive experience in it with prosecutors and judges in the courts of Snohomish and King Counties.  I have helped them get back to their families and return to having a normal life.  And, I have done this so consistently, and honestly, that many of the clients have mentioned my name when a close friends of theirs has needed a truly effective attorney, who wont’ cost them an enormous amount of money.

For a free initial consultation of how Marke Schnackenberg can help you with your Domestic Violence Case call or text now. Marke has years of experience in this type charge.  As a prosecutor in the Washington area, he knows what you are faced with, and he can help you get through this very serious charge.

For a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Edmonds WA contact Marke Schnackenberg as soon as possible.  Call or Text me at the following number.

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Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence Attorney – Marke Schnackenberg

I want you to know that “You Come First.” If you have been charged with domestic violence, let my law office take the weight off your shoulders. I have found the legal solutions for you and many others since 1995 because I am committed to helping you and fighting for you in court. This is my promise and my mission.

After successfully helping over 400 persons facing Domestic Violence Charges in the cities of Lynnwood and Edmonds,  I know I can help you too! Give yourself the advantage with my knowledge and long-standing experience on your side to fight for you.  And, trust that I will stand by you because you are important and I am committed to helping you!  I promise to take the time to listen patiently to you and to work skillfully on your behalf.  Because of this, I have won many dismissals of charges and have kept literally hundreds of good persons from going to jail or to expensive treatment.  This can mean a life-changing difference for you, for your family and for your future.  Know that results truly matter.  And you must have someone who believes in producing them for you!  Remember that since my professional success is depends on you, your case result is as important to me it is to you!  And, as your attorney, I will fight effectively for you and be mindful of you as a person who deserves to be heard and have your wishes respected.  I also understand that your time and money are not limitless and deserve to be accounted for in representing you. I always strive to practice in the most effective and client-centered manner possible, without wasting of your valuable resources too.

Please read what others have said about me. There are several testimonials that my past clients have posted in this website. Be sure to visit the Testimonial Page and read what they say.

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Washington Domestic Violence

Washington Domestic Violence is a very serious charge to face.

Washington Domestic Violence, Marke Schnackenberg Can Help You!A Person can be put in jail for up to a year and ordered to pay up to a $5,000 fine.  A person can be ordered not to have contact with the alleged victim and to be ordered to go to treatment for a year.  And, to make matters worse, a person is required by law to be taken to jail if police believe any one of the following crimes has been committed.  Assault, Malicious Mischief, Harassment, Stalking, Violation of a No-Contact-order, Protection Order, Restraining Order, or Interfering With Reporting Domestic Violence.  AND, Domestic Violence can be a Felony too.

I am a former prosecutor with many years of valuable experience fighting the very charges that you are faced with.  I completely know how the prosecution against you works.  I know their strategy and mindset.  I know all the defenses.
If you would like my help please call me or text me.

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Consequences of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Charges have life-long consequences.  A domestic violence charge cannot be removed from one’s record and it can carry long-term treatment for you.  If children are involved, the charges can also affect them.  You could be prohibited from seeing them or even being their custodial parent later.

Obviously, Domestic violence charges are a very serious matter and require the most effective representation.  I am committed to fighting these charges and have done so for over 400 persons in the Lynnwood and Edmonds courts.  Let my experience, knowledge, and legal skill help you now.

Consequences of Domestic Violence, Lynnwood WAYou need someone to trust right now and someone who can best help you.  And I can do this!  In fact, I have done exactly this for hundreds of persons charged just like yourself.  I have received the honor of their trust and have taken over their cases to product excellent results for them with my direct, no-nonsense approach. I have kept them from going to jail.  I have reunited them with their families.  I have saved them from losing their jobs.  I have produced excellent results. And that is why most of my clients for nearly 20 years still come to me by referral.

I make it my mission to personally help you throughout your case, to always listen to you, to promptly return your phone calls, to be the sole person you can count on in court, and to always give you clear answers to all your questions.

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How to Select A Defense Attorney

How To Select A Defense Attorney

How to Select A Defense AttorneyA veteran attorney once was heard to have said that people often choose their defense attorney based upon how they choose their canine and that canine often resembles themselves.

Well, this might be a gross exaggeration, but often a person is seen with an attorney who does generally resemble them. For example, a slender client is often seen with a slender attorney, a smartly dressed client with a smartly dressed attorney, and so on. I think you get the picture.

But, beyond this stereotypical means of lawyer selection, there is a more reasoned approach. Simply put, you must find an attorney who really knows what they are doing and who you feel you can trust.

Beware, not all attorneys are equal in knowledge, skill, or experience. Far from it. Some might have only a few years of experience practicing and have only a few trials completed by themselves. Others might have many years of experience but simply lack that special something that is essential to engender your trust. And, this is so important, TRUST. Because if you don’t completely trust that lawyer you paid a large amount of money to hire, you will be lying awake at night thinking about your case and worrying about whether that lawyer, or another lawyer that your case was passed on to later, is doing everything possible to best represent your interests in this charge that is so important to you. These lawyers also may or may not be really working hard for you, and particularly after you have paid them their fee!

So, select wisely, and very importantly remember the wise saying that “Everything that glitters is not gold,” and don’t be swayed by a fancy office or a large staff or these outward trappings of an attorney because they are extras, and your fees will be paying for them!

Instead, I suggest the following method of attorney selection. That you calmly and carefully select your legal advocate, the lawyer, based upon his or her ability to answer all your questions thoroughly and to explain all of the how’s and whys about your defense. And, most importantly, do you feel they have a sincere commitment to fight for you all the way! Because if they cannot provide all of this, it is likely that they lack all the needed knowledge, skill, and understanding you need now to represent you in the best way possible. And, you should look elsewhere to place your hard-earned money with someone who can!

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